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2018-2021 Strategic Objectives


Energize the PACE of business, so members can grow their businesses and make Elk River a better place to live and work


1.  Focus on Member [ship] Growth – by articulating the value of engagement and retention through the programs and services that create tangible value


2.  Broaden Board Engagement and connect them directly to the members they serve to help identify what programs are essential in developing our future


3.  Ensure enough margin in the budget to enable strong support of the chamber’s mission and growth by identifying new non-dues revenue streams and modernize our dues structure to provide meaningful options for businesses


4.  Build synergy for a broader reach across the region through partnerships and collaboration


5.  Build a strong public policy agenda that addresses pro- [growth] business needs


6.  Work collaboratively with public and private stakeholders to fill the pipeline for a skilled and engaged workforce


7.  Train and engage the next generation of leaders for our businesses and the community


8.  Recognize and celebrate business and leadership success to encourage a continually growing and vibrant business community


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