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Elk River is a great place to raise a business

Your business belongs here.  Whether you need a strong, dependable workforce, a great location with easy access to highways, reliable source of electricity, office space to rent or land to build a new building, we've got it all. 

Looking for land?  Elk River has several industrial and business parks with a variety of amenities ready for you to choose from.  Whether you are looking for privately owned and marketed locations or city owned building sites, there is room to grow your business.

Looking for employees?  We have a labor shed of over 50,000 and an unemployment rate of 9% (2010).

Nestled between Highways 10 & 169, Elk River is the perfect location with easy access to suppliers, trucking lines and customers.

For additional assistance check out these resources:

City of Elk River Economic Development Department

Elk River Municipal Utilities

Greater MSP

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Minnesota Department of Employment & Economic Development

Central Minnesota Jobs & Training

Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry

Local Banks

Local Business Consultants

Local Commercial Rentals

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