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Otsego, Minnesota



Otsego is nestled beside two rivers and beautiful rolling hills.  Citizens and business owners alike recognize there’s a sense of community not commonly found in today's suburbs.  You’ll find both excitement for the current  and potential success in the business community, which has exploded in recent years—and still has a strong continuing momentum. 


Currently with a population of almost 14,000, Otsego is next to Highways US10, 169, 101 and nearby Interstate 94 for fast and easy access to the greater metropolitan area. 



The Shaping of Otsego


The Mississippi river was the first major influence in the commercial development of Otsego.  This was evidenced by the first business, a trading post on the Mississippi across from the Elk River.  Yet, over much of the past 150 years, Otsego’s strength has been as a farming community.  Today, through many changes in the location of a commercial center over the years, Otsego is experiencing great growth just off Highway 101.


To learn more about the history of Otsego visit the Wright County Historical Society, or the Elk River Public Library.  There are also history books available at Otsego City Hall

Otsego Community Profile


Visit the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to see a community profile for Otsego. The community profile will list demographics, community forecasts, housing and other information.


Also see the City of Otsego to learn more. 

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